In the digital age, an artist’s brand is central to delivering a clear ethos and vision. This way, fans at any level of engagement can see into the artist’s story via any platform (e.g. social media, YouTube, blog posts, band websites, merchandise, etc.). As a result, brand management is both a crucial and multifaceted aspect of Porch Management’s services. Below are examples of the many facets of Brand Management and how Porch Management coordinates such things.

Brand Identity

When beginning to work with a client, Porch sits down with the artist to best understand what inspires them, what they want to see from their brand and what their goals are. Many artists don’t have answers to all of these questions, and that’s okay. Regardless of a client’s grasp on their creative vision, we can make the initial aesthetic come to life via mood boards and critical discussion of what they like, don’t and most importantly why.

Graphic Identity

Based on development of the client’s identity, sometimes simultaneously, Porch taps into our network of young and talented graphic designers to find a handful whose aesthetic matches the artist’s. This way we can begin to come up with concepts for things like logos, fonts and any other creative assets to be used in artwork, merchandise, marketing materials or one-sheets.


In addition to graphic designers, Porch Management has a deep network of talented photographers that can help solidify the artist’s vision through photography. From there, we organize and manage social media calendars and posts.

Social Media

While this is not a requirement, wardrobe is an important aspect of an artist’s brand. Whether it be helping the artist organize their personal wardrobe to best fit their brand or facilitate shopping trips, Porch has in house styling that helps our artists look and feel their best.